Bell Ringer - Bloodborne
Shannon symonds main

Pose to match the concept art

Shannon symonds p1 front


Shannon symonds p1 bell

Close up of the bell

Shannon symonds dagger

Close up of the dagger

Shannon symonds bell ringer turnaround

In-engine turnaround

Shannon symonds concept art

Concept art for Bloodborne the character is based from.

This is an early 4 week project of a character I made for a university unit, and is based off of concept art for the game Bloodborne. The high poly was created in ZBrush as well as the main form the body of the character. This was retopologized and then imported into Marvelous Designer where I created each piece of clothing. Props like the chains and bell were made using 3Ds Max which where then detailed in ZBrush and textured in Photoshop. The shaders I set up myself within Unreal Engine 4.

I learnt a lot creating this character, especially since this was the first time I had used Marvelous Designer. It was definitely fun to make!